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and we have 24/7 Varied Music, Competitions and Special Live Shows !
The station is founded in 2005 by a couple of DJ's, click here to read their story. Our DJ's are spread all over the world !
Make a song request click here or use our Chatroom to talk to us ! We hope you will enjoy your stay on our Website and the Music !

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The All Time Indie Star

We have a two years event on our station; "The All Time Indie Artist" ! We nominate the 5 artists who are in the past year the most played and
requested, the winner is invited to our Headquarters to do a LIVE Show. In the past we had the Indie Award and Indie Track competitions, they
were only broadcasted on The Starliners, this competition is broadcast worldwide on all stations in our Radio Network.

With the past competitions artists had a chance to let their fanbase grow. In this New competition it will be a break true, not only for the winner
but for all nominees !

Check back here soon for the latest Info !!

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The History of The Starliners

In May 2005 DJ Pedro and DJ Harry had a plan, making free Internet Radio ! Both were working as Country and Rock DJ's, the plan was to make radio
with both genres and a lot of attention to Independent Artists. Two monthts of hard working, finding sponsors, DJ's and Artists on August 5
everything was ready and the broadcast begon, the first day we had 5 listeners. To get more listeners and give the Indie Artists more airplay they started in
2006 with the Indie Award, from that moment on it was going fast.
In 2015 the station was 10 years old and found his place on the Internet. 40% is now listening to Internet Radio, the normal FM and AM Radio is on his
way back and we think in 10 years time it will be gone.

Now in the station is still led by Pedro and Harry, they trained a lot of DJ's, who are still on the station or find their way on other stations.
The Starliners are alive and kicking and will be for many years to come !


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The Management

DJ Pedro is the General Manager and DJ,
he is since 2005 at our Station,

DJ Harry is the Program Director and DJ,
he is since 2005 at our Station,

DJ Barb is our DJ Manager and DJ,
she is since 2005 at our Station,

DJ Helen is our Indie Music and Chat Manager,
she is since 2011 at our Station,
DJ Celeste is the Voice of our station and DJ,
she is since 2006 at our Station.

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Make a Song Request

Songs are Played in the Request Show !

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New Artist, submit your Music

Method 1: Submit your music to "Musicsubmit", when your music is accepted by our station you get 1 play a week during 1 month!

Method 2: Donate $ 5,- to our station, send in two songs to and get 5 plays a week during 1 month !

Method 3: Donate $ 10,- to our station, send in two songs to and get 5 plays a week during 2 months !

Method 4: Donate $ 50,- to our station, send in two songs to and get the first week every hour a play as
song of the week and then 5 plays a week during 3 months !

All play times are "at least", when more DJ's like your music it will be much more !

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Send E-Mail

Email Adress:

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There is a lot of money needed to keep a Station On Air !

Support our Station with a small donation !

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